Monday, 22 February 2010

Harvard of Hooligans

It is important to know where to go to achieve the best post-graduate education. If you are a mathematician you might head to MIT. If you are a scholar of Shakespearean literature Oxford or Cambridge might be your destination of choice. If you are a football hooligan hoping to improve your terrace chants, learn how to better use weapons, and perfect methods of extorting money from club directors and players, you should look accept nothing less than a Boca Juniors education.
The Argentine sports daily Ole is reporting that Argentina’s football hooligans are now in the business of exporting their knowledge abroad to countries like Colombia and Mexico. For a few greenbacks, members of Argentina’s barras bravas will fly to your country and teach you how to be the best hooligan you can possible be.
The report said a leading fan from Mexico’s Pumas UNAM had twice visited Buenos Aires to obtain first hand experience of the methods used by the notorious Boca Juniors supporters club known as “La Doce” (The 12th man).
He stayed in a top five-star hotel and continued the exchange via e-mail after returning to Mexico, the report added.
Rafael Di Zeo, leader of La Doce, was quoted as saying: “As far as the world’s hooligans are concerned, La Doce is Harvard. They come here to learn.”

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