Saturday, 6 March 2010

Worst Home Support

And the winner of the worst home support goes to....... France.

During the recent two nil defeat to Spain at the Stade de France this week, some of the players were singled out and persistently jeered. Thierry Henry who readily admits he is not playing at the top of his form right now, partly due to the lack of games he has had in the previous few months at Barcelona after losing his place in the European Champions starting line up, was singled out by "Les Bleus" for the most ferocious abuse.

SOCCER 2010 - Spain Beat France 2-0

Henry is a man who is the all time leading goalscorer with 51 goals, has won the World Cup for them in 1998 and won the European Championships in 2000. What more do these so called fans want from him?

Henry said after the game "It's the same story as usual and it's not the first time I've experienced that kind of situation at the Stade de France," Henry told reporters.

"I understand people who were eager for us to play well against Spain and, when you don't play well, you have to expect being jeered at. I don't know if I deserved that but there is nothing I can do."
Stick to the egg chasing.

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